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Academy Mission

To best serve fans in the digital age by recognizing excellence in engagement, inspiring creativity, and championing diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and new ideas that galvanize the sports, media, and entertainment industries.

Creators of Color

  • A new program from EASE in partnership with Canva that spotlights and empowers sports creatives ages 21-33 who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Talent Pipeline

  • The Sports Entertainment Talent Pipeline (SETP) to help the sport, media, and entertainment industries discover and hire diverse creative talent.

Gender Equality

  • Each year, The Engagement Academy and Hashtag Sports recognize executives who are committed to empowering women in sports and entertainment.


Creators of Color

Spotlighting and empowering sports creatives ages 21-33 who identify as Black, Indigenous, and People of Color


Creative talent CRM and discovery platform

Gender Equality

Executive honor recognizing those who champion and empower women in sports and entertainment

MEMBERSHIP in the ENGAGEMENT Academy is by Invitation Only.

Sports x Entertainment

About The Academy

A mission-based membership, EASE selects the Nominees and Winners for the Hashtag Sports Awards—the leading honors for sports entertainment and individual achievement in content, creativity, and storytelling.

Presented by the Engagement Academy, the HSAs recognize excellence in fan engagement, establishing the benchmark for effective engagement on an annual basis.

Through year-round online and offline events and content series, we encourage people inside and outside the industry to share ideas and inspire others to challenge the status quo by building a more representative and inclusive industry.